Astrid (slimey_limey) wrote in big_calculators,

I'm a nerd because ...

So I'm a nerd, and I'm afraid that it took me quite some time to discover this community. Here is my list.

  • I got a paid account just so that I can email GPG-signed posts.
  • I have three calculators (TI-89 HW2, TI-89 Ti HW4, HP 49G) but I do my math tests with my Pickett Log-Log Slide Rule.
  • I run an IRC server for people at my school.
  • When I have a free Tuesday I spend it in a museum, working to get old telephone switching equipment to work.

Am I worthy?

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far more worthy than i am!
I know this is like a year and a half later, but your icon made me lol. Can I steal it?
haha, sure!