velocity of argon (romen_dreamer) wrote in big_calculators,
velocity of argon

Zombie Community

Hello all. A few days ago, I saw a post in this community on my friends page and got my hopes up that someone was reviving it, only to be disappointed when I realized that it was all in Cyrillic and almost certainly spam. It made me think that this group really needs to do either one of two things: a) become at least semi-active again, with an admin who checks lj regularly and feels enough attachment to the group to maintain it, or b) formally disband/deactivate/whatever community accounts do on this site.

So I thought I'd make this post in an attempt to gauge whether anyone would care either way - if there's enough interest, we can all make an effort at bringing life back to the place (something I'm gaining a lot of experience at lately); and if not, we can ask matrixfrog to take the steps to lay it to rest so that it doesn't have to suffer the continued indignity of unintelligible spammers.

So... anybody home?
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