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I feel so at home...haha

Based on what every other newbie is doing, I suppose I have to list 10 reasons why I feel that I am a nerd.

1) I currently own more then 10 full encyclopedia sets (at one point I had nearly 20)

2) At the age of 15 my parents had to tear down one of the walls in our home to add more support beams because the weight of my books in my bedroom on the second floor was so much that the ceiling was visably bowing down.

3) I can ramble on and on and literally get more and more excited by talking about alternative energies... Hydrogen fuel cells are the future damnit!!! If I can break up H2O into Hydrogen and Oxygen via elecrolysis by just using 2 test tubes, some water, and a 9v battery then it is not hard to come up with the Hydrogen required for the fuel cells...We are just lacking the the finacial backing to get the technology....Damn oil companies and their money controling the auto industry......Ok, I'm done my rant...haha...

                           Just on a side note did you know that there is a small bio-engineering company in the Silican Valley in the States that has genetically modified E. Coli to secrete crude oil. They have tested it and it is virtually identical crude oil from fossil fuels!! As great of an idea as it seems, I think it's a horrible horrible idea!!! It doesn't help with our dependance on crude oil and is just going to continue our ease of  making excuses for putting alternative energies on the back burner while we destroy our environment further!! But anyway...on with the list...

4) My favorite magazines are Popular science, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Equinox, Discovery

5) I have a high spacial visualization ability ( ) Which is basically the ability to visualize and manipulate 2 dimentional and 3 dimentional figures mentally. Which is how I've been able to easily design and build custom anything without having to draw it all out first. If I can visualize something then I can take it apart, rotate it, see it from different sides or angles, etc all in my mind. I remember on my grade 11 advanced math final they gave you a top view of a formation of blocks and you had to draw as many block structures on 3D paper as you could, on average people were able to come up with 3-5...I came up with 13 and they refused togive me more paper :P haha

6) I am a pretty quiet keep-to-myself kind of person usually, only with close friends do I really let loose. I am not a big partier nor a big drinker and I tend to only make friends with really smart people, I don't do it on purpose, it's just worked out that way. I like to have long intellectually stimulating conversations, even if I don't know anything about the topic, I am always interested in learning new things!

7) I think that the smarter a girl is the sexier she is!!!

8) I think that the idea of parallel universes and string theory is soooo cool!!

9) I skipped grade 12 and went straight into grade 13 (The high school I went to in Ontario was one of the last schools in Canada to offer grade 13 and basically when you go to university you can substitute university courses for the OAC courses that you took)

10) I take random college and university math and science courses online just for the fun of far I've taken a law course, metalogy course, anatomy/physiology course, kinesiology course, and an advanced biology course
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