Adam_Y (unityflow) wrote in big_calculators,

Newbie Post

Hi, my name's Adam and I am a nerd because:

1. Not only do I read comics, I create them. My comic The Flowfield Unity  and has absolutely nothing to do with fluid dynamics.

2. When I'm not making comics, I'm reviewing them (reviewing is just like reading, but it is not for fun)... here

3. I used to be a video games designer before I started on comics, for a small company called WideGames, you can see one of the games I worked on here

4. Before the comics, and the video games, I used to be a biochemist, specialising in polypeptide-based neurotransmitter chemicals such as FLRF-amide.

5. I am a nerd because, I am proud of being all these things.
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Wow, it sure is nice to see someone brushing the dust off this community and posting. Woo webcomics, I'll have to check out your links when I'm not on my way to class, and many welcomes to this quiet little haven of nerds.