Robert (pentacus) wrote in big_calculators,


I am a renaissance nerd because:
1.) I read Cosmos when I was in fourth grade.
2.) I am male, but despite this impediment I have learned the waltz, the tango, and some foxtrot.
3.) I read the complete works of Stephen W. Hawking, Einstein, and James Burke in my spare time.
4.) Once again, despite the fact that I am male I have learned to cook.
5.) When people ask why the projector isn't working in class I can look at the model and tell them that the projector recognizes 32 bit color while the cable being used recognizes only 8 bit.
6.) I once asked a girl to a math party and was surprised when she didn't immediately want to accompany me.

Hopefully that's enough.

At any rate, it's really great to see that a community like this exists. So yeah.

Here's to hoping everyone enjoys their nerdiness!
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