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I am a nerd because:

1. I'm a math major.
2. I know how to use a TI86
3. When I read 36 Methods of Mathematical Proof I laughed until I cried.
4. I do homework problems that aren't assigned.
5. I bought the new Ice Breakers gum because they are little cubes! Little cubes of gum!
6. My favorite band is Tool, who have recorded a song called Parabola, and my second favorite band is A Perfect Circle.
7. My engineer father asks me for help sometimes.
8. My hubby is a CS major, my best friend is a Physics major and we understand each other.
9. I own math texts for classes I've never had.
10. I only wear geometric patterns.

...there's the top 10.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

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