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life... [18 Mar 2013|01:05pm]

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The meaning of life [16 Mar 2013|04:16pm]

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Happy Pi Day! [14 Mar 2013|02:13pm]

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Now go eat some Pie!


Happy Pi Day!!!! It's MATHEMATICAL!
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Zombie Community [06 Feb 2011|06:13pm]

Hello all. A few days ago, I saw a post in this community on my friends page and got my hopes up that someone was reviving it, only to be disappointed when I realized that it was all in Cyrillic and almost certainly spam. It made me think that this group really needs to do either one of two things: a) become at least semi-active again, with an admin who checks lj regularly and feels enough attachment to the group to maintain it, or b) formally disband/deactivate/whatever community accounts do on this site.

So I thought I'd make this post in an attempt to gauge whether anyone would care either way - if there's enough interest, we can all make an effort at bringing life back to the place (something I'm gaining a lot of experience at lately); and if not, we can ask matrixfrog to take the steps to lay it to rest so that it doesn't have to suffer the continued indignity of unintelligible spammers.

So... anybody home?
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I feel so at home...haha [10 Mar 2009|01:58pm]


Based on what every other newbie is doing, I suppose I have to list 10 reasons why I feel that I am a nerd.

1) I currently own more then 10 full encyclopedia sets (at one point I had nearly 20)

2) At the age of 15 my parents had to tear down one of the walls in our home to add more support beams because the weight of my books in my bedroom on the second floor was so much that the ceiling was visably bowing down.

3) I can ramble on and on and literally get more and more excited by talking about alternative energies... Hydrogen fuel cells are the future damnit!!! If I can break up H2O into Hydrogen and Oxygen via elecrolysis by just using 2 test tubes, some water, and a 9v battery then it is not hard to come up with the Hydrogen required for the fuel cells...We are just lacking the the finacial backing to get the technology....Damn oil companies and their money controling the auto industry......Ok, I'm done my rant...haha...

                           Just on a side note did you know that there is a small bio-engineering company in the Silican Valley in the States that has genetically modified E. Coli to secrete crude oil. They have tested it and it is virtually identical crude oil from fossil fuels!! As great of an idea as it seems, I think it's a horrible horrible idea!!! It doesn't help with our dependance on crude oil and is just going to continue our ease of  making excuses for putting alternative energies on the back burner while we destroy our environment further!! But anyway...on with the list...

4) My favorite magazines are Popular science, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Equinox, Discovery

5) I have a high spacial visualization ability ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatial_Visualization_Ability ) Which is basically the ability to visualize and manipulate 2 dimentional and 3 dimentional figures mentally. Which is how I've been able to easily design and build custom anything without having to draw it all out first. If I can visualize something then I can take it apart, rotate it, see it from different sides or angles, etc all in my mind. I remember on my grade 11 advanced math final they gave you a top view of a formation of blocks and you had to draw as many block structures on 3D paper as you could, on average people were able to come up with 3-5...I came up with 13 and they refused togive me more paper :P haha

6) I am a pretty quiet keep-to-myself kind of person usually, only with close friends do I really let loose. I am not a big partier nor a big drinker and I tend to only make friends with really smart people, I don't do it on purpose, it's just worked out that way. I like to have long intellectually stimulating conversations, even if I don't know anything about the topic, I am always interested in learning new things!

7) I think that the smarter a girl is the sexier she is!!!

8) I think that the idea of parallel universes and string theory is soooo cool!!

9) I skipped grade 12 and went straight into grade 13 (The high school I went to in Ontario was one of the last schools in Canada to offer grade 13 and basically when you go to university you can substitute university courses for the OAC courses that you took)

10) I take random college and university math and science courses online just for the fun of it...so far I've taken a law course, metalogy course, anatomy/physiology course, kinesiology course, and an advanced biology course
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The Flowfield Unity [13 Jan 2009|02:32pm]

Here's another recent batch of the best of The Flowfield Unity.

Click on the pictures to join in the discussion about them and see more comics like these.

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Flowfield Roundup [28 Sep 2008|08:12pm]

Here are this month's most popular strips from The Flowfield Unity. Click on the pictures to join in the discussion.

There's more, click here...Collapse )
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I'm a nerd because ... [05 Apr 2007|08:05pm]


So I'm a nerd, and I'm afraid that it took me quite some time to discover this community. Here is my list.

  • I got a paid account just so that I can email GPG-signed posts.
  • I have three calculators (TI-89 HW2, TI-89 Ti HW4, HP 49G) but I do my math tests with my Pickett Log-Log Slide Rule.
  • I run an IRC server for people at my school.
  • When I have a free Tuesday I spend it in a museum, working to get old telephone switching equipment to work.

Am I worthy?

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The Last Golden Age [12 Mar 2007|02:00pm]

I've been criticised lately for my rather bleak view of the future of humanity... I wanted to set things straight, so here is a comic strip taken from The Flowfield Unity about the good things to come...
Click here to see the comic...Collapse )
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the internet weighs 2 ounces... really.... [08 Dec 2006|08:04am]

proved here!

my dad sent this to me... i thought all of you g33k would enjoy this!

Weighing the Web

This message is brought to you by 8 nanograms of electrons

Forbes publisher and blogger Rich Karlgaard recently lamented his $1,200 monthly home utility bill. That's a lot of Pacific Gas & Electric , but last year's power bill for the global internet was just $3 per capita- a bargain even by third world standards. Yet my ISP bill does not give me joy- a dollar a day seems a trifle high given the weight of the penny’s worth of electricity my computation consumes. My daily fix of electrons costs me about half a billion dollars a pound. Let me explain.

I'm taking about the power that drives the bytes , not lights the screens. The late Buckminster Fuller had the disconcerting habit of asking architects how much their buildings weighed. It was very unfair of Bucky, because architects are not paid by the pound, and never having laid a thumb on the scale, tend to be quite clueless as to the butcher’s bill. 9-11 helped change that, impressing on us the difference between weight-is-no-object constructions like the Empire State Building, which shrugged off an Army Air Corps bomber crash in 1945, and the thin scantlings of the World Trade Center, which teaches a different lesson in false economy by its absence.

Some early parts of the internet were built like a tank to survive a thermonuclear holocaust. But much post-modern net construction is utterly gossamer, all air and microwaves. Wherever the two come together, there are boxes full of integrated circuits and the hardware needed to sustain them, boxes with labels that state what they weigh and how much power they consume. In short, you can do the math.Alienmagicmatrix3dneocommunicationtrinit

So if Karlgaard's talk of Google’s soaring energy bill excites your curiosity, you too can figure how much power the internet consumes, A statistically rough ( one sigma) estimate might be 75-100 million servers @ ~350-550 watts each.. Call it Forty Billion Watts or ~ 40 GW. Since silicon logic runs at three volts or so, and an Ampere is some ten to the eighteenth electrons a second, a straight forward calculation reveals that if the average chip runs at a Gigaherz , some 50 grams of electrons in motion make up the Internet.

So as of today, cyberspace weighs less than two ounces. It’s hard to gauge its heft more exactly since silicon devices vary in speed, but if you want a handle on The Whole Web instead of just the suburbs that we're wired to , try tripling that figure- there are maybe ten times more mostly idle CPU chips in PC's than in servers, and fewer very busy ones in the world's comparative handful of supercomputers .

By averaging on a global basis, tit seems each person alive today has six watts of computational power at the disposal of their twenty watt brain . Whether they can access it is another matter. Few in Burkina Faso, say , are availing themselves of their fair share of web power, but in relatively well wired nations like America , Japan, or the UK , more energy is expended on surfing than thinking.

I strongly advise readers not to attempt surfing while surfing, as the risk of electrical shorts and battery fires is secondary to the serious wipe-outs you may suffer if you take your eyes off the break to check your email . One has enough difficulty keeping cigarettes lit body surfing ,and few laptops are long enough to function well as short boards.

With the power consumption of the Web approaching fifty million horsepower, America’s share may have already passed ten million HP, shedding a whole new meaning on the initials of Hewlett Packard, but just as there is more to cars than gas tanks your share of the physical net has more than electrons inside

Figuring out the weight of the electrons in circulation is easy- because the net is a fairly transparent constellation of servers ,yet reckoning how much physical stuff is tied up in the net’s wiring- and optical cable - system takes considerable thought- some cables are live, others long abandoned. Some carry just cable TV, others an unpredictable mix of computer bandwidth and telecom traffic. Then there are the branches- and the branches branches. It is easy to take a tape measure to the backbone of this shaggy creature, but how do you get a handle on the combined length of every strand of hair?

Mathematics to the rescue-- fractal geometry, and queing theory tools enabledwebmonkeys to hazard that a staggering 4.2 miles of half-millimeter copper wire is supposedly required to connect the average US dial-up to a broadband optical fiber trunk . If it really takes twenty five pounds of copper at $3 apound , little wonder cellular business is booming , or that communications companies cheerfully pay more than its weight in gold for optical fiber that displaces a billion times its weight in copper. The result is a web that runs impressively well on under ten nanograms of electrons per netizen.

Until quantum computation comes along, these rough numbers may not drift all that much, for while more and more photons are involved in information transmission, each arises from some poor electron being kicked out of its orbital reverie to do something useful. But, some will ask, what the net will weigh when all computation is photonic? I suspect it may rival the mass of an IP lawyer's sense of the sardonic.
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Newbie Post [29 Nov 2006|11:09am]

Hi, my name's Adam and I am a nerd because:

1. Not only do I read comics, I create them. My comic The Flowfield Unity  and has absolutely nothing to do with fluid dynamics.

2. When I'm not making comics, I'm reviewing them (reviewing is just like reading, but it is not for fun)... here

3. I used to be a video games designer before I started on comics, for a small company called WideGames, you can see one of the games I worked on here

4. Before the comics, and the video games, I used to be a biochemist, specialising in polypeptide-based neurotransmitter chemicals such as FLRF-amide.

5. I am a nerd because, I am proud of being all these things.
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[17 Jul 2006|08:44am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Need a bit of expert advice.

I'm 17 credits from a math BS. I'm not planning on going right into grad school due to my family situation.

What kinds of positions should I look for that I would be able to get into without any graduate coursework?

What kinds of companies should I submit a resume to? (our career service center is clueless)

Any info/personal experiences would be helpful.


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I have a confession to make [29 Jun 2006|01:12pm]

I am ot as nerdy as I like to think... I play sports, and I play them very well... I am strong and athletic and have a strong personality which allows me to make friends easily.... BUT I do play DnD and WoW, and anything else that has swords and magic :)
ANd I personally own every dragonlance novel that has been published, and have read them twice :)

I am terrible at math :(
But great at puzzles and science...

Would you guys be willing to still take me in?

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Hello! [28 Jun 2006|04:16pm]

[ mood | ambitious ]

As per site requests, I'm a nerd because:
1. I have eighteen calculators.
2. I like studying. A lot. Science, history, english, math, everything.
3. I like corny biology jokes.
4. I read comic books and manga like a fiend.
5. I have and use a pocket protector
6. My favorite date is going to a bar and playing Golden Tee Live!
7. I collect antique books, prints, and knick-knacks.
8. My last big celebrity crush was on Brian Green, the astrophysicist.

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[17 Jun 2006|12:41am]

i'm nerdy because....
1)i think you guys are cool
2)i am a music g33k and all music is math
3)i draw on graph paper so i can write down the coordinates and draw it again but cooler
4)i hang out with nerds
5)i carry a calulator in my pocket generally

yeah.. so i don't think i'm truly qualified to be here.
i'm actually fairly horrible at math.
but i enjoy math jokes and the like.
please don't kill me.
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I need help [10 Jun 2006|07:14pm]

Im just wondering if anyone here can help me with my school work?

I dont have any friends to ask and dont go to a school its all from home
Ive tried this question so many times and it doesnt add up....

Which one of the following statments expresses a true proportion?

1. 2:3=3: 2
2. 14:6=28:18
3. 3:5=12:30
4. 42:7=6:2
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Questions to the group [03 Apr 2006|11:19pm]

So.... I don't know how many of you enjoy coffee, which is totally fine, but it's just not for me.

To that extent I'm experimenting in different ways to prepare tea.

The stuff being used is green tea imported from the PRC. So far I've put it in a coffee machine and tried to prepare it that way, steamed it "Turkish" or "Greek" coffee style, and considered finding a way to solidify the tea in breakfast bar form.

So my question to the group is this: Does the group have any other ideas on how to prepare tea that might give it a different flavor?
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Hello [27 Mar 2006|08:39pm]

I am a renaissance nerd because:
1.) I read Cosmos when I was in fourth grade.
2.) I am male, but despite this impediment I have learned the waltz, the tango, and some foxtrot.
3.) I read the complete works of Stephen W. Hawking, Einstein, and James Burke in my spare time.
4.) Once again, despite the fact that I am male I have learned to cook.
5.) When people ask why the projector isn't working in class I can look at the model and tell them that the projector recognizes 32 bit color while the cable being used recognizes only 8 bit.
6.) I once asked a girl to a math party and was surprised when she didn't immediately want to accompany me.

Hopefully that's enough.

At any rate, it's really great to see that a community like this exists. So yeah.

Here's to hoping everyone enjoys their nerdiness!
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Help! [14 Mar 2006|01:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I have to do an article review for my Real Analysis class.

Can anyone recommend a journal article or book chapter (non textbook) that I could use?

My available topics are logic, proof, set theory, relations, functions and analysis. Basically, I have to pick an article on something we're comving in this class.

Any recommendations?

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I am a nerd because: [08 Mar 2006|01:59pm]

[ mood | silly ]

1. I'm a math major.
2. I know how to use a TI86
3. When I read 36 Methods of Mathematical Proof I laughed until I cried.
4. I do homework problems that aren't assigned.
5. I bought the new Ice Breakers gum because they are little cubes! Little cubes of gum!
6. My favorite band is Tool, who have recorded a song called Parabola, and my second favorite band is A Perfect Circle.
7. My engineer father asks me for help sometimes.
8. My hubby is a CS major, my best friend is a Physics major and we understand each other.
9. I own math texts for classes I've never had.
10. I only wear geometric patterns.

...there's the top 10.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.


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